Posted on
16 May 2014

Bike Servicing

It's one thing to ride a bike, but there's something very special about riding a bike that has been tuned and serviced correctly ,with the love and attention it deserves.
We can service your bike from $65 for a single speed bike and from $99 for geared bikes. No job is too big or too small and if you’re looking for a certain hard to find part, no matter how old, you’d be amazed at what we have in stock in our workshop. To make sure just bike receives the attention it deserves we aim to complete all basic services within two working days, which for us is 6 days a week. If we do need to order in specific parts it may take a little longer but we’ll always keep you up-to-date with progress so we can get you back on your bike as quickly as possible.Our shop has been built solid and strong over the years from its devoted quality repair and service work since 1979. Come in with your pride and joy, and let Kevin Haddacks work his magic.


- Inspect Brake Pads
- Inspect Gear & Brake Cables
- Adjust Front Brake, Standard Brakes Only
- Adjust Rear Brake, Standard Brakes Only
- Adjust Front Derailleur
- Adjust Rear Derailleur
- True Front Wheel
- True Rear Wheel
- Align Rear Derailleur & Hanger
- Adjust Headset & Tighten
- Check & Adjust Seat Assembly & Post
- Tighten & Align Stem
- Check / Tighten Wheel Nuts
- Inflate Tyres
- Check / Tighten Crank Bolts
- Adjust & Tighten Bottom Bracket
- Degrease Chain
- Degrease Cassette
- Lubricate Chain


- Wheel Truing - From $35 per wheel (standard wheels only)+ spokes

- New tube/tyre Fitted - $10+ tube/tyre (wheel only), $15 + tube/tyre (on bicycle)<br>

- Wheel Rebuild from $80

- Bicycle Build from $50

- Secure Bike Packaging from $80 (for travel & transport)

- Computer Fitting & Callibration from $35

- Rack Fitting from $35

- Mudguard Fitting from $35

- Chain Fitting from $25

- Drive Train Clean & Lube from $15

- Gear Adjustment from $20

- Cassette Fitting from $15

- Bottom Bracket Fitting from $25

- Crank Installation from $30

- Gear/Brake Cable Installation from $15

- Brake/Disk Pad Installation from $10

- Gear/Brake Lever Installation from $25

- Pedal Fitting from $5

- Deraileur Fitting from $350

- Bar Tape Fitting from $35